Raspberry Pi

Apple HomeKit-enabled workshop air quality monitor

After I built the cardboard stock sorting shelf, I had about a week of breathing issues as a result of poor ventilation from the sawdust and particulate in the air in my garage. Resolved to avoid another week of feeling crummy, I bought a beefy fan and have eventual plans…
View inside case with labelled diagram of components; Raspberry Pi Zero W on the left with a wire harness connected to the GPIO header; Plantower PMS5003 on the top right, with a Sensiron SGP30 and Asair AHT20 sensor below itAssembled case mounted on charging wall with a short USB cable plugged into a power strip; two battery chargers are visible on the left.

My first year with a 3D printer

It’s been a full year since I bought my Sovol SV02 printer. I’m sitting at my desk with at least a dozen printed objects around me: fidget toys, small art pieces, organization trays, and electronics enclosures. The process of learning about modeling, manufacturing, and materials science has been fascinating (and…

I tried to make a watering device for my cat

My cat has an addiction to drinking directly from the tub’s faucet. We’ve tried to get him nice water dishes and electric pump water fountains, but he just craves that good, good tub water. (And is extremely vocal about when he wants to drink.)
Selfie with my cat drinking from the tub faucet in the backgroundCardboard box with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a small pump motor mounted inside

MQTT, Mono, and ARM

I wrote a .NET program to test building and cross-compiling an application to run on a Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50 gateway.