3D printing

I sometimes post on Thingiverse

USB-powered AA shim

I wanted to display my Hackaday Superconference badge without continually burning through disposable batteries, or having to cycle through rechargeables every other day. A fellow conference-goer shared this LiPo holder design which just fits into the badge’s AA receptacles and provides a sturdy plane to which to strap a bigger...

iPad mounting bracket for laptop stand

A few years ago, I bought a ridiculous-yet-useful octopus-like “Viozon Selfie Desktop Live Stand Set” to organize my desk and improve my work-from-home set up.

Art display board  🗒️

Iterations on hangers for art

I’ve been slowly iterating on designs to hold art on my cool, new display board. I haven’t settled on anything yet, but here are several of my attempts so far.

Art display board  🗒️

Big build day!

I have basically been thinking about building the display board all week, but haven’t had a chance to until today because of both work and weather. I’ve found this thinking time useful for planning the cuts and assembly procedure. I read up on some woodworking “best practices” that suggested a...

Art display board  🗒️

New project – Display board for art postcard collection

I’m starting a new woodworking–plus–3D printing project add some more art to my home office: a display board for my art postcard collection! For this project, I’m trying out a new way of writing about my progress through the project. I’ll write smaller updates as I iterate on the designs...

Making candles with 3D-printed molds

My wife has been enjoying making anise, cinnamon, and citrus water centerpieces with floating tea lights. They look pretty on the table and they smell nice without setting off my scent allergies. But after a few weeks, we started accumulating spent candles. I started to wonder if I could melt...

Fidget switch on a whim

On a whim, after someone on a Discord server shared a video of a fidget switch they printed, I decided to try a quick interpretation of the design with the materials I had on hand.

Paint fume extractor adapter for shop vacuum

Recently, I designed and printed a battery box to power some new lights on my bike. The box is pretty great and feels reasonably study, but I wanted to give it a bit more of a protective coating to avoid friction from pulling the printed layers apart. I decided to...

Prototyping a real CO2 monitor on the Flipper Zero

Updated January, 12, 2023

Prototyping a volatile organic compound (VOC) and CO2 monitor on the Flipper Zero

I’ve been playing with environment sensors for a while to help me understand how factors of air quality correlate to my health. In 2019, I had a particularly bad asthma attack that was exacerbated by wildfires in California. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about how 2.5 micron particulate matter...

My first year with a 3D printer

It’s been a full year since I bought my Sovol SV02 printer. I’m sitting at my desk with at least a dozen printed objects around me: fidget toys, small art pieces, organization trays, and electronics enclosures. The process of learning about modeling, manufacturing, and materials science has been fascinating (and...

New housing for RadioShack 22-810 15-Range Digital Multimeter

I was tired of fiddling with the fold-up case that my RadioShack 22-810 multimeter (photo not mine) came in. The probes were a pain to fit into the case properly and I also wanted to have the option to use wires with Dupont connectors to play nicely with my breadboard....

mRNA Vaccine Visualization (and cute frame for my vaccination record card)

I grew up with my mom telling me stories about chicken pox, and then a few of my friends caught it. I avoided catching the pox and I was able to be vaccinated against it. Now I’m an adult with a significant protection against shingles! I think vaccines are fantastic...

How I turned my Levoit Core 300 air purifier into a fume extractor

For multiple reasons–my asthma, air quality, and COVID-19–I run several air purifiers throughout my home. I run a whole Levoit Core 300 air purifier on top of my desk, which typically is useful for collecting my cat’s dander in addition to putting clean air out close to my face. However,...