Art display board  🗒️

New project – Display board for art postcard collection

I’m starting a new woodworking–plus–3D printing project add some more art to my home office: a display board for my art postcard collection! For this project, I’m trying out a new way of writing about my progress through the project. I’ll write smaller updates as I iterate on the designs...

Indoor plant stand – design and build

A couple of friends gifted a Monstera plant to Bonnie and me. We’re trying to get the hang of caring for plants, so we decided to give it a name and make it a nice stand to perch upon.

Cardboard stock sorting shelf – design and build

I was in the mood to build something with my hands, and I have been working on getting my garage organized into a functional space to do all sorts of maker-y things. I have a strong tendency to “collect” various materials that I think will be useful eventually. In order...