Iterations on hangers for art

I’ve been slowly iterating on designs to hold art on my cool, new display board. I haven’t settled on anything yet, but here are several of my attempts so far.

Compliant clip mechanism

This series of iterations is a clip mechanism meant to pinch the postcard. I had a hard time designing and printing a clip that would pinch with enough strength to hold the card in place when air moved gently through the room.

3D renderings of three clips. Each clip has a 45° angled cleat at its rear. The front features a downward-facing clip. The variations between the three are minor, mostly in the amount of distance between the ends of the clip

Bottom and edge supports

I didn’t measure anything for this design and went by intuition instead. My intuition was way off. This didn’t work out for the postcards, but I did use the bottom support as a hook to hang a tchotchke from its chain.

3D renderings of a hook and of a bifrucated vertical support with a cleat as described earlier. The vertical support extends a long way from the cleat and has a support brace that keeps the design upright against the board

I printed the vertical supports in two parts with the intention of glueing them together, but the design was so far from working that I skipped it entirely.

Photo of printed bottom and edge supports

Magnet and metal

I bought a bunch of 1/8 inch (~3.2mm) cylindrical magnets to experiment with, so I incorporated them into a cleat. I’m using some M2 nuts that I have a lot of to attach the postcards.

3D rendering of a cleat with a circular hole for a magnet; a photo of a single printed cleat with a magnet installed next to a cube of approximately 100 cylindrical magnets; a photo of ten printed cleats with magnets installed

Postcard with M2 nut visible; the magnetic cleat is not visible because it is under the postcard