New project – Display board for art postcard collection

I’m starting a new woodworking–plus–3D printing project add some more art to my home office: a display board for my art postcard collection! For this project, I’m trying out a new way of writing about my progress through the project. I’ll write smaller updates as I iterate on the designs and work through building the display board.

Sample of art postcard collection; several colorful postcards are fanned out nondescriptly; some postcards appear to be hand-sized versions of US National Parks posters

In my old apartment, I used to have a my collection of US National Parks poster reproduction postcards hanging on the wall. I recently acquired a new art postcard for the collection and decided I want the collection to be out on display. I’ve also been thinking through French cleat systems and I really like the way a well-executed cleat system looks, so I mocked up a design for a 400mm x 400mm plywood-and-PLA board.

3D rendering of a 400mm x 400mm French cleat system with 8 rails from which to hang postcards and other small accessories. There is a single plywood panel with each rail running horizontally across the face.

I was able to print a couple of samples to get a feel for how the rails and some clips might work together. The rails feel really nice, but I need to to some work on the clips that will hold the postcards. I got to a point where I was satisfied with the rail design, so I printed off all 3.2 linear meters of rails to produce eight 400mm rows.

Closeup of completed print of rails still affixed to the build plate

One of the important bits of a good French cleat system is precise rail positioning, so I decided I needed to print a pair of small tools to help make laying the rails out on the plywood board easier.

Closeup 3D rendering of the same board from earlier, but with two spacing jigs on the left and right showing how the jigs will be used to position the rails consistently

I have the piece of plywood picked out, but I’m going to wait until the weather clears up a bit before I start working in the garage.