Art display board

Ongoing project to design and build a wall hanging to display my collection of art postcards.

3D rendering of a 400mm x 400mm French cleat system with 8 rails from which to hang postcards and other small accessories. There is a single plywood panel with each rail running horizontally across the face.

Photo of desk area with display board surrounded by other wall hangings and desk accoutrements

Art display board  🗒️

New project – Display board for art postcard collection

I’m starting a new woodworking–plus–3D printing project add some more art to my home office: a display board for my art postcard collection! For this project, I’m trying out a new way of writing about my progress through the project. I’ll write smaller updates as I iterate on the designs...

Art display board  🗒️

Big build day!

I have basically been thinking about building the display board all week, but haven’t had a chance to until today because of both work and weather. I’ve found this thinking time useful for planning the cuts and assembly procedure. I read up on some woodworking “best practices” that suggested a...

Art display board  🗒️

Iterations on hangers for art

I’ve been slowly iterating on designs to hold art on my cool, new display board. I haven’t settled on anything yet, but here are several of my attempts so far.