Replacing the lower blade guard on a Ryobi TS1340 miter saw

I recently received a Ryobi TS1340 miter saw by way of a friend whose family member was needing to relieve themselves of it. The saw itself had been reasonably well cared for over its estimated 15 years, though had lost its lower blade guard. Unfortunately, neither Ryobi nor third-party parts sellers no longer carry the replacement part. Even if the guard were intact, this has easily become the most dangerous tool in my garage. I needed to fit a blade guard before using this for any real work.

Illustration of Ryobi TS1340 miter saw with annotations indicating the missing lower blade guard

(Illustration from user manual)

I was fortunate to find moco27’s post on Lumberjocks where they had the same need to replace the lower blade guard and detailed their steps to use an available replacement part from the slightly-newer Ryobi TS1345L (part number 080016005704). I was able to get it delivered for about $27 and figured it was worth the retrofitting.

Photo of Ryobi TS1345L lower blade guard part number 080016005704


Thankfully, this Ryobi saw appears to be designed with standard metric screws and mounting holes. My set of M4 bolts and nuts were very useful in this retrofitting work.

Remove old cover plate

Photo of old cover plate on saw

The old lower blade guard’s cover plate was riveted in place, so I had to figure out a destructive means for removing the old plate. I tried drilling the rivet out, but found that I didn’t have means to keep the rivet from spinning on the drill bit. After a little bit of careful wiggling to loosen the cover plate on the rivet, I used a jewelers’ coping saw to cut the rivet.

Photo of removed cover plate with coping saw overlaid

Modify new cover plate

I did several test fits to find the right position for the new guard so it would safely clear the saw blade in all positions. Fortunately, I found that it wasn’t necessary to align the new guard’s hinge with the center of the saw blade. The new cover plate’s U-hook fit comfortably in place where the old plate mounted. I put some masking tape on the back of the new cover plate and reached inside the upper blade guard to make a marking through the M4-sized rivet hole.

Photo of test fit with masking tape

This left me with a perfect marking to drill an M4 hole for a new bolt. I attached the new cover plate with an 8mm M4 bolt and a couple of washers to allow pivoting the cover plate for blade changes.

Photo of steel punch on marked cover plate

Photo of new mounted cover plate

Modify action arm

The new lower blade guard’s action arm is significantly longer than the original arm. Instead of trying to retrofit the old arm into the guard, I lowered the saw to its lowest position and found where a new pivot point would need to be drilled.

Photo of action arm marked for drilling

Photo of action arm mounted on new pivot point with excess length hanging over

Once the new pivot was drilled, I took a hacksaw to the excess length to ensure it didn’t hit the bevel lock knob.


The new guard is in place and functions wonderfully. I can’t wait to start working on my Corsi-Rosenthal filter box for the workshop!

Photo of saw with new blade guard fitted

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