Why we support World Central Kitchen and Equality Texas

I’m so grateful for friends and family celebrating with Bonnie and me. When Bonnie pitched the idea of fundraising for our 15th anniversary, I was excited. She’s got a keen sense of knowing what good needs to be done and who’s engaged in doing that work.

Bonnie and Daniel from 2009. Bonnie is sticking her blue-stained tongue out, and Daniel is making a contorted face with mouth agape.

We chose World Central Kitchen and Equality Texas for very specific reasons. Chef José Andrés and his incredible crew at World Central Kitchen go to people in crisis and make sure they are fed (and fed well!)

José Andrés and World Central Kitchen have big hearts for people, and feeding people is so fundamental to caring for and connecting with people. They’re in Ukraine now serving up meals to people surviving a brutal, senseless war. Join us in supporting them:

And then we chose Equality Texas for a couple reasons: 1) Gov. Abbott is using his office to attack trans kids and their parents and caretakers and 2) Texas is home for Bonnie. Equality Texas is actively engaged in fighting Abbott’s abuses alongside Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and ACLU Texas.

Trans rights are human rights. Trans children are children who need the same love, care, and support that any other child needs from their parent or caretaker. We are happy to support Equality Texas in building a Texas inclusive of everyone:

We‘re less than two weeks from our anniversary and have seen $354 for World Central Kitchen and Equality Texas! In thanks, here’s a bonus outtake from our 2009 holiday card at Vasquez Rocks:

Bonnie and Daniel from 2009 at Vasquez Rocks. Bonnie is looking intently at Daniel, and Daniel is wearing a leopard print fuzzy Santa cap and sunglasses.

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