New housing for RadioShack 22-810 15-Range Digital Multimeter

I was tired of fiddling with the fold-up case that my RadioShack 22-810 multimeter (photo not mine) came in. The probes were a pain to fit into the case properly and I also wanted to have the option to use wires with Dupont connectors to play nicely with my breadboard. So I scanned the original case to get the profile of the meter and designed a new housing with a replaceable “connection block” to attach different probes or wires to.

Screenshot of Autodesk Fusion 360 showing a traced profile of the meter overlaid on a photographic scan next to a ruler for scale

I used crimped quick disconnect connectors in the connection block, and crimped matching quick disconnect plugs to the probe wires. Additionally, I used a 3-pin segment of header pins to make the Dupont connector work. (Remove outer two pins, leaving only the middle pin in place.) Internally, I used two Wago connectors to connect the probe wires from the meter to the new connection block assembly.

Front of assembled meter

Back of assembled meter

I think it turned out quite nicely!

Meter being used with a breadboard showing a measured DC voltage of 6.68

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