How I turned my Levoit Core 300 air purifier into a fume extractor

For multiple reasons–my asthma, air quality, and COVID-19–I run several air purifiers throughout my home. I run a whole Levoit Core 300 air purifier on top of my desk, which typically is useful for collecting my cat’s dander in addition to putting clean air out close to my face. However, I needed the ability to direct airflow from my soldering work into my air filter.

I was able to design and print this adapter to work with a sheet of foam with a hole to cover the inlet of the air filter and direct the airflow through the adapter. This does put extra strain on the air filter motor, so it’s not something I leave in place for long periods of time. I measured the diameter of the air filter at 212 mm with some enjoyable practical geometry, and the flange fits reasonably well against the curve with a piece of foam to help improve the seal around the flange. The suction of the motor is enough to hold the foam and adapter in place without any additional hardware.

A protractor on top of papers used to trace the partial profile of the cylindrical air purifier

The adapter, nut, and flange parts laid out

The assembled adapter fitted to the air purifier

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