Resume of Daniel James

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I am a highly-skilled software developer and technical leader. I have spent the last several years deeply enjoying sharing my skills and experience with my teammates and coworkers.

I am passionate about developing software that improves people’s lives. I especially love collecting data and finding ways to turn it into action, whether I’m keeping transit riders informed of their arrival times, solving problems in e-commerce, finding ways to for people to connect, or working to build a better self.

I have been doing full stack development with .NET, Go, and JavaScript most recently, but I have experience with a broad array of languages, frameworks, and libraries. I have led development teams and designed systems. I have worked on websites and application servers, Android and iOS, and vehicle networks and environment sensors.

Recent experience

Principal Software Engineer at GMV (formerly Syncromatics)

October 2016 to November 2022

I joined Syncromatics as an individual contributor to the company’s software-as-a-service computer-aided dispatch and automated vehicle location (CAD/AVL) system deployed at transit agencies across the United States. I applied my skills in developing human-centered software to developing Syncromatics’ next-generation tool for dispatchers, transit planners, and administrators. I became the technical leader of the Apps Team, tasked with the development of all of the company’s human interfaces across the web, mobile devices, and on transit vehicles.

We were built primarily on a .NET stack for web services and real-time application servers, React on our web applications, native Android and iOS for mobile apps, and Xamarin.Android on transit vehicles, and Lua on internet-connected signage. We worked through migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core, introduced Apache Kafka alongside our RabbitMQ-based messaging infrastructure, and migrated from a Windows-based infrastructure to a Kubernetes-on-Linux infrastructure. We also developed a new generation of internet-connected signage using .NET on a variety of small ARM and Intel-based computers.

In 2019, I was promoted to principal engineer tasked with the responsibility of leading architecture decisions and leading a newly-formed squad to focus all of our software that runs on transit vehicles, all of the software that supports ingesting communications from transit vehicles, and all of the software in the hosted infrastructure that supports processing the data in real-time, and the websites our customers use to manage and operate their transit agencies.

In 2020, my responsibilities officially expanded to include developing and improving hardware integrations on vehicles as well as internet-connected signage. I worked directly with the CTO to advise technical decisions and carry out direction from the senior leadership within the company. My focus on building strong repertoire with my colleagues and gaining consensus on process and technical direction helped to maintain an effective development team.

My tenure at GMV helped to develop a deep passion in my for carrying out meaningful work for public benefit. I gained an entirely new appreciation for public works, city planning, and accessibility. As a transit user myself, I was able to directly feel the impact of my work and connect with the mission of the company to “Make Transit Work.”

Director of Storefront at ScoreBig

March 2014 to September 2016

I started as an individual contributor to the tech team and quickly took on leadership of the Tools team. We served the fulfillment and operations systems for ScoreBig, as well as the integrations with third-party ticketing partners. I later took on an additional role as the leader of the Experience team, which focused on the customer-facing ticket buying experience.

We were built on the .NET stack in the back and Angular in the front. I interacted with SQL Server 2016, MongoDB and Elasticsearch and I led integrations with third-party services like Spreedly and partners like Ticketmaster.

In 2016, I became the Director of Storefront and led a team of consumer-focused software developers to build the best consumer experience for buying tickets to live events. My work involved defining technical architecture for our web and mobile experience and coordinating efforts with our product team to bring their vision to life.

I also supported and mentored the development team leader who had been recently promoted into my former position. I worked to guide his decisions in technical direction, offered feedback when he needed it, and worked to build the space for him to thrive.

Other experience

More information about my other experience is available on LinkedIn, or by request.

More information about me

I really like working in small teams of smart people

I thrive when I know how my work is connected to the goals of the business

I live in Pasadena, CA, strongly prefer remote work, and am not open to relocation.

I will provide references upon request.