Hackaday Superconference 2023 – Day 2 – Leekspin

Second day of Hackaday Superconference 2023 was a bunch of fun. I had the delightful surprise of unknowingly chatting with Benedetta Lia Mandelli and Emilio Sordi the day before only to see them on stage presenting the Soft Actuator Orthosis talk. They seem like neat humans working on ways to help folks with spinal cord injuries.

Today’s goal was to get Leekspin on my badge. At first, I tried to use the gc9a01_mpy bitmap feature to run a series of sprites, but making it full-frame just requires too much memory. In the end, I resorted to showing a series of JPEGs as fast as can be rendered, which is Good Enough™.

My fork of Vectorscope has been updated with the new animation.

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